Expanding upon the idea of animating Muybridge photographs I decided to sample other video sources in order to find figures performing simple movements. The Lone Ranger and Silver was a sequence from a Lone Ranger movie. In humanLocomotion_LA small lcd monitors were strung across the gallery walls. On each monitor was a different character isolated from a movie sequence which took place in Los Angeles. The figure of the Crusader was a single jpeg of a toy soldier which was animated by manipulating individual frames in Photoshop. This animation was one of a number of animated toy soldiers used in firstCrusade and firstCrusadeRevisited. exercise 18 was captured from a television exercise program. Individual frames were rotoscoped (the background removed and replaced with a solid color) and then re-animated for the lcd monitors in the installation at Black and White Gallery (2008). A different version of exercise 18 has been used in the jello mold blueChrysathemum.