Ray Rapp


Fringe exhibitions

los angeles

humanLocomotion_la is a digital video installation named after the famous serial photographs of Edwaerd Muybridge. The installation is a wall drawing. Wires, extension cords, video cables, disassembled lcd monitors, electrical boxes and dvd players spread across the wall. A non-automatic writing. The electrical connections to the imaging devices become the lines of the composition. 1.8", 2.5", 4" and 6.8" lcd monitors are strewn about. Each monitor flashes a digital video animation featuring a single 'actor' performing a sequence of motions. The figures are isolated characters extracted from LA centric movies. Several seconds of action are cut out from the seamless flow. The figures are rotoscoped, reworked then reanimated. Silhouettes blend with simulacra. The reified figure echos its filmic history while populating a new environment.

left rear gallery wall right rear gallery wall
left gallery wall right gallery wall
left front gallery wall right front gallery wall
detail left wall detail rear wall
rear gallery wall gallery blow up

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