The prints in this section are computer manipulated images created from individual video frames and arranged in Adobe Photoshop. Some images, such as those from the Muybridge series', were originally scanned or downloaded from the internet before they were altered. Other images are from original videos or computer animations. The individual frames of the prints were derived in one of two manners. Some prints are composed of individual video frames created by a computer video/animation program and then individually pasted together to create a single image. The other prints are composed of individual digital photos from a video animation. The photos are taken directly from a television monitor mounted on a plastic laminate panel. All prints are printed on an Epson 2000P inkjet printer using Epson archival inks and printed on Epson archival papers (see for more detailed information concerning archival issues).

gameboards series
high voltage series
strobe series
solid color tvs series
easyRGB color generator
feedback    series
truckZ    series