easy_RGB is a conceptual art work in which the colors for a series of ink jet prints is generated from the software "easyRGB". RGB is a color numbering system for calibrating colors on computer monitors. Every color has a number from 0 to 255 assigned to it for its red, green and blue value. Hence r255g255b255 is black. Easy RGB is a website which creates color harmonies for any given RGB value. Plug a number into Easy RGB's color harmonies calculator and it spews out 12 new colors to decorate with. In order to begin the process, one needs a core color. For this project I have chosen the (0,0) point of the coordinate system which overlays Dieric Bouts' triptych Saint Hippolytus (see painting above). Saint Hippolytus has been central to several videos , video sculptures and computer generated prints which I have made. The color situated on the (0,0) coordinate point turns out to be r169g115b81. After that, everything is easy. The twelve subsequent prints are based on the colors generated by r169g115b81. Each print is named for its RGB value. The prints are created from repeated digital photos of a television monitor without the factory case. The solid color image from the 'RGB value' replaces the original video image. The RGB number for each print is listed in the address bar of each large image. The prints are 13"x 19" (paper size). There are 13 prints in the series.