In 2001, I was making a series of video animations for an exhibition on horses (Horse Tails, the Katonah Museum, 2001). I decided to sample Muybridge's famous photograph The Galloping Horse and turn it into a strobing sequence of black and white, horse and rider. I took the individual frames from the horse sequence and created white on black and black on white versions of each frame. When I played back the sequence interspersing the two different images using the correct number of frames per image, I created a glowing, strobe effect. The retro nature of applying strobing techniques to a straightforward video amused me. I found the video visually enticing as well as a way to conceptually update Muybridge's ground breaking work. Subsequent installations in 2002 - 03 featured animations sampling other Muybridge works (strobe, OH+T Gallery, Boston). These works varied frame rate and frame order while utilizing rotoscoping and color keying to turn Muybridge's traditional motion studies into herky-jerky, spasmodic sequences.

The videos on this page were created for specific video installations including six in a Row or were parts of single channel videos.