Metallic Tubing

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installation .jpg installation .jpg

10 sec. video clip
electrical Metallic Tubing(EMT) is a continuation of the video installation as wall drawing series. In the current work the drawing has come off the wall and into the space as a square wave pattern created from steel electrical conduit and fittings, coiled orange and black extension cords, dvd players. Eight 4" lcd monitors are attached to the upright steel tubes.

A series of animated cutouts, generally rotating in a clockwise direction, are playing on the 4" lcd monitors. The source material for the cutout images used to create the digital animations is the movie "Titus" (Julie Taymor, 1999). Short sequences of frames have been sampled from the movie. A figure is cutout from its background and placed on a solid color background. The movie "Titus" is an adaptation of Shakespeare's play "Titus Andronicus" performed perhaps as early as 1594. Shakespeare, in turn, has borrowed aspects of the narrative from Ovid's Metamorphoses, specifically the story of Philomela, daughter of the King of Athens. The figures used in the animations were chosen primarily for their shapes.

Exhibitions 2001 - 2006